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Saturn Systems
Software Engineering

Why Saturn Systems?


There are many decisions to make when selecting the right onshore and domestic software outsourcing company. Cost might be the most immediate concern, however there are other equally important factors. Value in the software world comes from a combination of insightful designers, skilled developers, well-defined processes and effective communication. With over 25 years in the software development business, Saturn Systems has fine-tuned all of these factors to deliver the highest possible value for our customers. Combine all this with a lower cost Rural Outsourcing model, and Saturn Systems is definitely worth a closer look.

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Developing software is a complex endeavor, and the best developers in the world will fail to deliver a quality solution, or any solution at all, without the benefit of a strong development process. Our goal is to take an inherently complex and chaotic endeavor and transform it into a simplified, efficient set of tasks with predictable outcomes. Our customers are engaged in the process along the way, setting priorities and refining requirements, with regular opportunity for review and feedback. At Saturn Systems, we can apply our process to any software project with the confidence that we will deliver consistent, high quality results for our customers.

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As consumers of a variety of products in our professional and personal lives, we all want quality and reliability at a reasonable price. Top quality products result from the application of thoughtful design, disciplined production and meticulous quality control standards. At Saturn Systems, we combine skilled software development professionals and quality assurance specialists with a refined process to deliver consistently high quality software solutions and project outcomes that exceed client expectations.

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The Saturn Systems Difference

Saturn Systems was founded over 25 years ago by a software engineer, and is still run by engineering professionals today. When you call us you will speak directly with an experienced software engineer – not a salesperson – who can quickly assess your project needs, and determine how we can help. Our success has been driven by our adherence to engineering principles and a focus on continuous improvement and success for our customers. This common sense approach combined with a lower cost Rural Outsourcing model is what sets us apart from our competitors. It is the Saturn Systems difference.

Selecting the right software development partner is a big decision. Study the information on this site and then contact us to discuss your project or staff augmentation needs. We want you to choose Saturn Systems with confidence, armed with the right information to make an informed decision.

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