We combine a highly skilled and stable workforce with the cost-saving benefits of Rural Oursourcing.

Saturn Systems is an entirely U.S. based software engineering consulting firm providing highly skilled software development and quality assurance staff for projects and staff augmentation since 1990.

Talented developers combined with our lower cost Rural Outsourcing model and stable workforce gives our customers an attractive alternative to high priced metro firms and the challenges of using an offshore provider. Specializing in core software development using Microsoft .NET, Java, C++ and other foundational technologies, our engineers can handle projects of any complexity. Read more about who we are and how we work and contact us to get a quote on your project or staff augmentation needs.

iPhone Video Streaming App

Graphic representation of the case study
Saturn Systems was contracted to extend a video sewer inspection and capture system to the iPhone platform. The sewer inspection system video is streamed to the iPhone application using the existing product laptop platform as a wireless hot spot, where it is recorded along with audio captured by the iPhone’s microphone. The project required real time control of hardware and manipulation of raw video streams on both the laptop platform and the iPhone. The videos can then be uploaded from the field to YouTube for delivery and review by end customers.

Online Publishing Design Tool Enhancements

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As part of a team using an Agile development process, Saturn Systems software engineers designed and implemented several user interface (UI) enhancements to an existing ASP.NET based online publishing design application using an Adobe Flex AS3 front end. The enhancements included a text placement algorithm using Bezier curves and a custom text wrapping algorithm. In addition, an existing proprietary PDF rendering engine was replaced with an open source SVG based application written in Java. The replacement rendering algorithm was integrated into an existing ASP.NET web services application written in C# and a web based front end written in Adobe Flex AS3.

Publishing Design - Text Wrap Algorithm

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As part of a team working on an online publishing design application, Saturn Systems software engineers implemented a text wrap algorithm, written in AS3, to automatically place text around shapes and images. This can be done following the tight contour of the images and shapes (accounting for transparency), or the bounding box of the images and shapes, with various text alignment, padding and margin settings. The algorithm supported rendering in Adobe Flex and was compatible with the SVG file format.

Publishing Design - Text on a Path

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Saturn Systems software engineers designed and implemented an Adobe Flex based text on path placement algorithm for an online publishing design application. Paths are constructed using a custom implementation of cubic Bezier curve segments based on 2nd order derivatives. The text is placed using extruded curves which are clipped based on a modified fat line intersection technique. The placement algorithm was written in AS3 and text placement is supported in both Adobe Flex and the SVG file format.

SVG Engine Integration

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As part of a team using an agile development process, Saturn Systems software engineers added backend support for the SVG file format for an existing ASP.NET application with an Adobe Flex AS3 front end. Batik, an open source PDF rendering engine, was integrated into an existing C# queue based batch processing system. Additional improvements were implemented including a Java based wrapper for Batik allowing for faster throughput in a large scale multithreaded environment.

Medical Research Data Acquisition and Analysis

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One of the leading providers in physiological monitoring research contracted Saturn Systems to assist in the development of a C# WPF windows application. The purpose of the application was to gather millions of streaming data points from a wirelessly connected monitoring system and efficiently aggregate the data for analysis in a grid and graph display. The project was a complete rebuild of a legacy application managed using agile methodologies and modern system architectural concepts including inversion of control (IoC), dependency injection, hardware emulation, unit testing and automated user interface testing.


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Telemedicine, using technology to bring doctors and patients together efficiently over distance, is a rapidly growing field. Since 2008, Saturn Systems has provided core software development and quality assurance services to industry leaders. Our projects range from medical device communications and integration, to online calendar management. Saturn Systems’ unique skills mix of device control and enterprise application development are the perfect fit for the industry.

Video Plumbing Inspection

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Saturn Systems was contracted by a customer to upgrade the software control system for a high technology sewer inspection system. This suitcase based system is used by drain cleaning professionals and features a remotely operated video camera controlled by software that runs on a customized laptop. The application records video, operator audio, and distance travelled by the inspection camera. Saturn engineers added several new features, upgraded the system for Windows 7, and integrated several disparate third party video capture and production components into a single package, saving the client thousands of dollars in annual licensing fees.