Device Integration & the Internet of Things (IoT)

Long before the Internet of Things (IoT) became a thing, Saturn Systems was partnering with our customers to integrate new and existing hardware products with Windows and Linux host systems, and now mobile platforms and the cloud. Our experienced engineers can help you develop a scalable architecture for your product and ensure you avoid the common pitfalls in this unique development space.

Device Control Expertise

Device control projects vary widely in scope and complexity, but typically involve developing software for the purpose of command, control and data acquisition from attached, networked or wireless devices. It is demanding work that requires precision design and engineering skills, plus the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot the unexpected challenges unique to device control projects. The software engineers at Saturn Systems have decades of experience integrating highly complex devices. We can help you at any stage of your project from early concept, including communication protocol design and product roadmap, to development and final product delivery. And, we will be there to support your solution for the long term.

Have a legacy system that requires support and enhancement? We can help with that too. We frequently encounter systems that have little or no formal documentation, and can quickly get new development and support moving forward.

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