How We Work

In partnering with Saturn Systems, you’ll find that the way we work is just as impressive as the results we deliver. Clients praise us for our refreshing approach to managing projects — blending an open communication style with reliable processes — proven to guarantee success.


There’s a direct relationship between the amount of collaborative time we spend with our clients and the effectiveness of the final deliverable. Our objective is to be of like mind with you and your team – so your challenges become our challenges, your goals become our goals, and we’re working together with one vision and mission.


We emphasize strong communication throughout each software project, so we can get to a better result faster. To keep projects on track and ensure that our work is in line with your vision, we use the Agile development methodology, and:

  • Our online project portal that allows you to view your project progress at any time
  • Regular meetings and status reports to ensure we’re hitting key milestones
  • Daily stand-ups with the development staff to help troubleshoot issues and keep the project moving


During our 25+ years in software development, we’ve learned that process is king. A smart, repeatable process is a crucial tool in delivering quality software solutions on time and on budget. At a high level, ours includes:

  • Identifying your vision for the project and its impact on your business
  • Creating a technical road map that outlines the requirements for our development team
  • Deploying our Agile methodology to show continuous progress through regular releases
  • Building in QA testing throughout the development process to optimize quality, maximize efficiencies and avoid rework


While having a process is critical, not every project must conform to the same rigid protocols. Our process is designed to be flexible, so we can tailor it to the specific demands of your organization and project.

For staff augmentation projects, it might mean adapting 100% to a customer’s process and tool-set. For project-based work, our staff will team with you to ensure the process produces the best possible results.

We stand out for a reason

Call and speak to one of our software engineers to see how we can apply our expertise and process to your project.

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