Our Software Development Process

Pack ten rooms with the best software developers in the world and give each team a complex, deadline driven project to complete. The successful team will be the one with the best process. Without a doubt, strong process enhances the efficiency and quality delivered by the most talented software developers. During our 25 years in the software development business, we have continuously adapted and improved our methods to create a consistent and repeatable process for delivering quality software solutions — on time and on budget.


All of our projects use Agile development methodology to maintain the velocity of the project and to ensure, through frequent review, that our work is in line with our customer’s vision for their software. Communication is key throughout the entire process, from requirements gathering to final quality assurance. Our customers remain connected through our project portal, regular meetings and written status reports and can be involved to whatever degree they see fit, right down to the daily standups with development staff.


No software project is complete, or successful without quality assurance testing. Saturn Systems maintains an independent quality assurance group that integrates with our development teams to continually test new features as they are created and regression test base functionality. Similar to coding, process and the right tools are key factors in software testing. Our test management tools integrate directly with our developer tools to ensure every feature of your application receives appropriate test coverage.


We understand that a single rigid process does not fit all situations, which is why our process is designed to be flexible and blend with your organization. For staff augmentation projects, that might mean adapting 100% to a customer’s process and tool-set. For project-based work, our development and project management staff will work to ensure the process produces the best possible results.

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