Rural Outsourcing

Rural Outsourcing, also known as insourcing, domestic sourcing, rural sourcing or onshore outsourcing, is an established trend in the software industry. Saturn Systems combines high quality software engineering and quality assurance services with a lower cost model made possible by our location in Duluth, Minnesota. From this location we serve clients throughout the U.S.

There are many firms in the U.S. that provide quality Rural Outsourcing services in the technology industry, each having their own areas of expertise and experience. Saturn Systems has positioned itself as the leader in the area of custom software engineering, providing design, development and support services for new, existing and legacy software solutions. Through careful hiring focused on degreed engineers who demonstrate raw technical talent, adaptability and strong communication skills, we have built a firm that can handle any project from trivial to complex.

Who benefits from Rural Outsourcing?

Review our comparison of Rural Outsourcing to offshore and read our Rural Outsourcing FAQs to understand why the Saturn Systems Rural Outsourcing model really works or contact us for more information.

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