Rural Outsourcing

Rural Outsourcing is an established trend in the software development and testing industry, whereby projects that might have been outsourced to offshore or high priced metro area firms are instead outsourced to domestic firms based in mid-size U.S. communities,
where the cost of doing business is lower.

The Rural Outsourcing Advantage

What makes Rural Outsourcing work? Read through the table below to better understand the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of this model.


The Saturn Systems Advantage

There are a number of Rural Outsourcing firms to choose from in the United States. What sets Saturn Systems apart from the others?


With over 25 years in the custom software development business, Saturn Systems operated under a Rural Outsourcing model long before anyone put a name on it. We offer our customers the experience and technical knowledge of a mature, process-oriented engineering company, all at a significant cost advantage.


Our location in Duluth, Minnesota is a key advantage to attracting top talent. Named as one of the best places to live for outdoor enthusiasts, Duluth also offers a vibrant urban culture, making the quality of life hard to beat. Well-educated and experienced developers, living in a place they love means low staff turnover and quality results for our customers.


Our recruiting process, like our development process, is highly refined and ensures our new hires are technically qualified and a good long-term fit for our culture. We recruit top graduates from universities and state colleges in northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Saturn Systems is the largest software development organization in that northern tier; as such, we are also able to attract the best experienced engineers who come for the quality of life and seek a challenging career path.

We Stand Out for a Reason

Offering the perfect combination of lower rates and superior technical abilities, consider Saturn Systems as you seek a software development partner.

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