Software Development Staff Augmentation

Some organizations are comfortable enlisting a vendor to manage their entire software development project, while others seek to augment their in-house development staff with external talent who can work under their direction and guidance. Our skilled developers and software testers are available to augment the skills on your team or increase the velocity on a project. We maintain a “ready to go” bench of experienced developers and quality assurance staff, and have the flexibility to add staff quickly based on your needs.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

Leverage Existing Resources

Organizations can add new or specialized skillsets to their team, taking advantage of both external and internal resources for the completion of software development projects.


Companies maintain control of the software development project by utilizing their own staff, infrastructure and processes and using external staff to accelerate the project.

Specialist Expertise

Some projects are more complex than others. Staff augmentation allows you to fill those hard to find skills with external resources.

Meet Aggressive Project Timelines

Compressed deadlines may lead to an immediate demand for more resources.  Staff augmentation is often the best option.


Companies with changing staffing needs or sensitive budgets can address those concerns through staff augmentation. It’s relatively easy to add or subtract resources to match demand.

Our high-skilled, lower-cost software engineers and quality assurance staff can help you meet your strategic staffing goals. Call us and speak with an experienced software engineer who will assess your technical and staffing needs and provide you with a tailored resource plan.

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“We selected Saturn Systems to augment our existing software development team after comprehensively comparing several rural outsourcing software companies. In the end, Saturn won out due to their stronger technical skills and engineering mindset. Their team of developers and quality assurance testers quickly integrated with ours, and over the last four years, they have become a flexible and indispensable addition to our development group.”

Rob Reesor, Vice President of Product Development, Planview