The benefits of custom system integrations

Many large and enterprise businesses rely on off-the-shelf packages like SAP and Salesforce to conduct their core operations. Even small businesses leverage off-the-shelf software like QuickBooks to manage day-to-day tasks. But these packages have data interfaces that range from outdated text-based import/export to more sophisticated web API interfaces that allow access to data and internal… Read more »

4 trends shaping the future of custom software

Change happens fast in the technology space and this is especially true in the custom software market. But rapid technology advances necessarily create a need to study, train and create a timeframe to adopt technologies that provide clear benefits to stakeholders.  This places custom software developers, like our team here at Saturn Systems, in a… Read more »

Why firms need to integrate security testing into the software development life cycle

Digital security is critical for companies of all sizes as malicious attacks not only risk exposing sensitive data, but they can also erode customer trust and put brand reputation in jeopardy. Because many system incursions target applications, software development firms need to integrate industry best practice security measures into software infrastructure and implement security testing… Read more »

What to know about DevOps

DevOps is a software development and delivery process which considers the production of software from end to end, from concept to design, delivery, deployment and maintenance. DevOps is a broad software development process, which normally includes an Agile approach to delivering a sequence of software development builds, but also deployment and testing. All the stakeholders… Read more »

Addressing uncertainty in the IT industry

No industry on Earth has been immune to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses, like grocery stores and consumer paper products manufacturers (think toilet paper), may have seen an uptick in sales, the vast majority of industries have seen revenues fall or flatline due to rapidly changing demand patterns. This trend will… Read more »

The path to developing a custom B2B application

The proliferation of mobile applications (apps) has changed our business and personal lives in so many ways.  In most cases, apps have made our lives richer and more productive. But apps, by their conventient nature, can also command our attention in ways that impact our lives and productivity in negative ways. Love ‘em or hate… Read more »

What contributes to custom software pricing variances?

Creating a new custom software application can represent a significant investment, and most companies will do their due diligence to find the best price while still ensuring a quality product and a pleasant development experience. But if you’ve ever actually shopped around for a development firm, you may have experienced a wide range of prices… Read more »

Top trends in custom software development for 2020

Custom software development projects, by definition and necessity, are tailored to fit a client’s specific business need. But within the custom development space, there are larger, important trends that both developers and prospective businesses need to be aware of. Here are some of the top custom software development trends for 2020 and what they mean… Read more »

What you need to know about the maintenance stage of software development

The last stage of the software development cycle is at the forefront of our conversation today. While many firms focus all of their attention on the design and implementation phases of a custom software development project, the maintenance phase is equally as important. While a software application will spend initial months (perhaps years) in the… Read more »

What to look for when choosing a fin-tech partner

In many ways the financial services market is still a dated industry. A paper-driven industry. This is largely due to the heavily regulated nature of the industry.  And yet, as new technologies are introduced, and new advantages become apparent, financial services companies can’t afford to ignore the benefits these new technologies provide. Money transfer and… Read more »