4 trends shaping the future of custom software

Change happens fast in the technology space and this is especially true in the custom software market. But rapid technology advances necessarily create a need to study, train and create a timeframe to adopt technologies that provide clear benefits to stakeholders.  This places custom software developers, like our team here at Saturn Systems, in a juxtaposition. While we are always striving to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for our customers to meet current challenges, we’re also working to anticipate technology trends and determine when to incorporate the most promising technology into the software development process. With most things in this business, it requires a lot of research, financial analysis and training to arrive at a clear answer.

Here are four trends we currently see shaping the future of custom software development and we expect these trends to accelerate in the future.

Trend 1: Big data is getting bigger and more accessible

Large companies have been mining their considerable data stores for years in order to gain competitive advantages. One new market trend, however, is the wider prevalence of small and medium sized businesses accessing the power of their data. Gaining access to business analytics software solutions has never been more attainable. As companies of all sizes continue to embrace customer resource management systems, they are also taking steps to utilize the vast wealth of data they are acquiring through their communications with customers.

Trend 2: Machine learning will grow in its capability

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, while prevalent, are still in the infancy of their capabilities. However, because of its vast potential, we expect aggressive strides to be made in the field of machine learning over the next few decades. One of the central purposes of machine learning in the modern market remains its potential to mine big data and automate solutions. Both of those are qualities that companies are sure to seek in the future. As custom software developers, we expect many of the projects we design and implement will incorporate machine learning and AI solutions.

Trend 3: The rise of serverless solutions

For years, the server was the epicenter of a company’s technology infrastructure. However, as the ability to write units of code that scale infinitely on cloud computing platforms, the conventional server model is now being replaced by more flexible and distributed architectures. The frameworks to adapt traditional code and languages to these infrastructures are still in their infancy with solutions being pioneered by Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions and others. Yet, as those tools and environments continue to improve, we expect the capabilities of serverless execution to grow significantly and reimagine what we consider to be the core of tomorrow’s technology infrastructures.

Trend 4: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will grow in popularity

The line between the capabilities of a browser-based app and a native app is no longer as definitive as it once was. App stores will be understandably reluctant to give up their native app revenue streams. However, we don’t expect the choice will be up to them, as there are many reasons to move beyond the traditional app store distribution model. PWAs will continue to eat away at their market share as they approach near equal native feature capability. This will enable a growing number of developers to develop a single solution for all platforms, more consistently reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and expanding distribution options.

The future of custom software

These four trends are vital components of the future of business software and while your company may use some or all of them to varying degrees, your business will benefit from understanding each and what they can do for you. If you have any questions about these four trends or any other aspect of custom software development, we can help. Contact us today to get your questions answered and to see how the latest trends can benefit your business.

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