Author: Brandon Hall

Brandon is a Lead Software Engineer at Saturn Systems with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota Duluth. He began his career in 2003. Brandon first discovered programming in middle school through the BASIC language capabilities of the TI-83 calculator to create math problem solving programs. His favorite aspect of his current job in the software consulting field centers around the constant variety of businesses he's introduced to and the steady diet of unique problems they produce. Through these opportunities Brandon has designed and developed numerous solutions including web & desktop applications, API's and application services. While he no longer specializes in BASIC but instead modern tools of the trade (C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, etc.), he believes that because the technology landscape changes so rapidly, the tools matter far less than the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary no matter what challenge is at hand. When not at his keyboard you'll most likely find Brandon with his beautiful wife and four daughters taking in the awe of the outdoor creations of Northern Minnesota through hiking, hunting and fishing.

Is Code Review Worth It?

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While beginning to explain code review to a customer recently they interjected a remark, “sounds expensive”. Thereby raising the question, is it worth it? While I don’t presume I can empirically prove to you that it is, I do believe I can convince you. For those less familiar with code review, the next few sections… Read more »

Evolving Beyond the Code Coverage Percentage Debate: Part 2 of 2

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In my previous post, Evolving Beyond the Code Coverage Percentage Debate, Part 1 of 2, I recounted the “hypothetical” but all too familiar horrors of the great code coverage debate. I proposed that despite our best intentions in carrying on that debate, its caused us to become unfortunately fixated on code coverage instead of the… Read more »

Evolving Beyond the Code Coverage Percentage Debate: Part 1 of 2

Magnifying glass and binary code. Conceptual photo - analyzing code.

What is Code Coverage? According to Wikipedia, code coverage (a.k.a. test coverage), is defined as “a measure used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite”. A less precise explanation in layman’s terms would be to say it’s the percentage of source code exercised by… Read more »