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Untested: The Hidden Costs of Excluding Quality Assurance Testing

Software Solution Misses Target

When, the online health insurance marketplace launched, it promised to give residents of 36 states the opportunity to shop for health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet, from the moment it went live, the problem-ridden application was effectively unusable for many, even as the deadline to buy healthcare under the ACA… Read more »

White-Box Testing: The Only Way To Do QA?

Software development and debugging concept. Bug found in binary code with magnifying glass.

No one in their right mind would say that white-box testing is the only way to test an application. However, in too many instances, black-box testing is, in fact, the only testing approach QA is empowered to use. Rightness of mind notwithstanding, I would argue that this is a mistake and that quality assurance engineers… Read more »

3 Steps to Selecting a Quality Assurance Management Tool

red and green apples

Like many of us, my email inbox is peppered with messages from software vendors who would like to “let me in” on an opportunity to purchase their product. These are not spam, necessarily. They come to me because some time ago, when I was on the hunt for a software testing tool, I hastily provided… Read more »

Fitting the Part: Skill vs. Talent in Quality Assurance

word talents written in paper pieces

Lately, I’ve been listening to Hugh Laurie’s pair of piano-driven blues albums “Let them Talk” and “Didn’t it Rain”. I find Laurie’s music both musically pleasing and utterly fascinating. “Fascinating” because, while I listen to his charming and expertly delivered take on some blues classics, I can’t stop thinking, “This isn’t even this guy’s day… Read more »

Quality Assurance and the Changing Face of Humanity

Flint Knife on table

Long before plastic surgery, the invention of the knife began changing the look of the human face. Recently, anthropologists discovered that the shape of human faces were greatly impacted when we developed the ability to cut meat with a knife. Before this invention, early humans would have to chew a great deal in order to swallow the… Read more »