Is Custom Software the Answer to Your Business Challenge?

Software developer creating new custom software solution

The business landscape is constantly evolving, forcing organizations to change in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. In many cases those changes involve the implementation of a new software solution to address a specific business need. While you may be focused on the challenge itself, you will also need to consider what type of software will best address the problem. Does your company need an off-the-shelf solution or a custom software option? Custom solutions can be tailored to your exact specifications, and while this may be appealing, it doesn’t mean a custom option is always the right choice in every situation. It’s a matter of analyzing your business’s exact needs to determine if you really could benefit from a custom software solution.

In some cases the answer will be no. But, if your company is facing any of the following business challenges, you may find a custom software solution is the best course of action.

1. Customer Satisfaction Rates are Plummeting

This is a big one, so we’ve placed it first. Your customers could be traditional consumers or even internal users. In either event, if your customer-facing solution isn’t meeting the market demands of your users, then it’s time to research a custom software solution. Do your due diligence to uncover what it is about your current solution that is causing so many headaches for your customers and use those findings as foundational points for your new solution. Above all, never settle for good enough when it comes to your users, both external and internal. You owe it to them to deliver the best solution possible.

2. Security is a Top Priority

The security of your business applications and data has never been more important than it is today. Phishing attacks alone steal more than $500 million every single year, according to the FBI. Thus investing in a custom software solution for security-focused needs is vital. While it is possible to purchase an off-the-shelf security solution, these options can also be purchased by would-be hackers, allowing them time to learn the system’s ins and outs. A custom solution creates a foreign environment that’s more difficult for them to navigate.

3. A True Competitive Advantage is Within Your Reach

When you contract for a custom software solution, you distance yourself from those using an off-the-shelf option. However, when you can put that custom solution to use to create a true competitive advantage for your company, you widen the gap even further. Look at your company and ask: What do you do better than your competitors? Can the right software solution enhance that? If so, a custom solution is certainly worth your time and investment. You’ll create a benefit that’s impossible for your competitors to match.

4. Scalability is a Must

When you invested in your previous software it seemed perfect for the size of your company. Since then, your company has grown and your needs have changed, but your software solution has stayed the same. If this scenario sounds familiar and you know additional growth is on the horizon, investing in custom software may be the right choice. Your custom software developer can work with you to create a solution that meets your needs now and in the future. And, should your needs change beyond your expectations in the years ahead, a properly designed system can be enhanced to meet the new demand.

5. Integration and Automation are Necessary

As technology evolves, our expectations for how tech will change our business evolves as well. New systems must integrate with one another, and increasing automation will save your company time and labor costs. If one or both of these objectives fit your needs, your business could benefit from a custom software solution that is designed to work with your existing processes, rather than an off-the-shelf option that requires you to adjust the way you do business.

Determining the Best Solution for Your Company

Whether a custom software solution is right for your company will depend on each individual situation. Consider the benefits of customization and apply them to your need. If a customized solution can solve your unique challenges, while advancing your competitive status in the marketplace, it may just be the best fit for you after all.

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