7 Advantages of Custom Software vs. an Off-the-Shelf Solution

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Call it step two. At this point you’ve already realized the value that adding a software solution will have for your business. Now you’re trying to determine whether you require a custom software solution or if an off-the-shelf product will fit your needs.

Every situation is naturally a little different, but we’ve compiled a list of advantages inherent in a custom software solution for you to consider. Compare them against your needs and see whether a custom software solution is the best choice for your business.

1. Customized to You

This is really the benchmark advantage of a custom software solution, isn’t it? When you invest in a tailor-made solution, you’re getting an answer to your business challenge specifically designed to overcome your obstacles. With an off-the-shelf solution you may have to adjust your business practices to make the solution work for you. A custom software solution allows you to create a project to be everything your company needs it to be.

2. Competitive Advantage

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, many people don’t consider the competitive advantage a custom software solution provides. Employing a well-known CRM system, for example, is a tool that can easily be replicated by your competitors. However, if your business employs a solution uniquely created for your business needs, your competitors will not be able to replicate its benefits with an identical solution.

3. Integration With Solutions You May Already Employ

When searching for a new software solution, you’ll likely require one that works with your existing systems. You may be able to find one in an off-the-shelf option, but acquiring a customized solution allows you a resource specifically designed to work with your existing tech.

4. Increased Security

As we said above, when discussing competitive advantages, an off-the-shelf solution can be purchased by anyone, which is also important to remember when considering cybersecurity. This ease of access allows potential cybercriminals to acquire the system and learn its ins and outs before launching an attack. However, if you choose to invest in a custom software solution, you erase this familiarity by employing a system like no other.

5. Total Control Over the System’s Shelf Life

Think of your computer operating systems and how many times you’ve had to make upgrades to the newest version of Windows, Office or some other solution. You’ve judged this as a cost of doing business but it may not need to be. Investing in a custom software solution gives you total control over the solution’s shelf life and allows you to use it until you’re finished with it. So long as you see value, your solution will continue to deliver.

6. Priority Designation

We all enjoy the familiarity we have with an existing system, and when that system is changed, even the smallest adjustments can be irritating. Familiar options hidden under different pull-downs or even the smallest display adjustments can be headache-inducing. Custom software solutions, however, provide you priority designation so nothing changes about the solution unless you choose to do so. If you want the dashboard along the left side of the page instead of the top, make it so.

7. Scaled to Meet the Needs of Your Business

If you want your software solution to support business growth, it should scale as that growth occurs. Hiring a custom software development company to create your solution offers you an immediate resource to adjust the solution to meet your increased needs. Rehire your custom software development firm and let them know how your needs have changed and they’ll work with you to adapt your solution accordingly.


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