How new technologies increase efficiency

In the world of software development, the only constant is change. Innovators continually create new technologies that enhance performance and expand system capabilities. Incremental improvements to platforms, development environments and frameworks are the norm. But the path of incremental change is sometimes shaken by the introduction of powerful new frameworks and platforms that represent a major leap forward, turning the industry on its head by dramatically lowering costs and increasing capability. Now more than ever, it’s critical for technology decision makers to keep abreast of industry developments and make smart decisions regarding new software and systems development. Let’s explore how new technologies can increase efficiency, lower costs, increase reliability and ultimately deliver better results for your next software development project.

Lower initial development costs

From platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to frameworks like Angular and React, new technology is revolutionizing the software development industry. Cloud-based services like AWS and Angular provide powerful, built-in service frameworks and dashboards that provide developers with prebuilt, integration-ready services most often utilized by custom applications. Cloud hosting platforms can also greatly reduce application hosting costs while providing application owners tools to scale and architect their applications in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

On the development side, frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, React and Node.js allow developers to more quickly build application prototypes, frameworks and full stack applications by providing the power of reusable components, ease of unit testing, increased maintainability and more defined upgrade paths. Also, new development tools and IDEs have become increasingly more powerful, which facilitates faster development, and helps to lower cost and increase quality.

All this new technology is great, but it’s important to note that development is only faster and cheaper if the software development firm you choose knows the technology well enough to take advantage of the new tools. In searching for a development partner, ask how familiar they are with the latest technologies and look for a firm with a proven track record of cutting-edge development and system design.

Longer useful product life

Another benefit of using the latest technology is that you can generally expect your custom software to last longer than a system built on outdated technology. There are a few reasons for this, but think of it this way: If you bought a brand-new, 2020 model car, you would expect it to last longer than one built in 1995, even if that older car has never been driven. That’s because mechanics today would be less familiar with the old model, making it harder to service, parts may no longer be in production, and we’ve simply developed better, safer and more efficient vehicles over the last 25 years. And how would we live without the modern conveniences of modern vehicles like navigation, Bluetooth integration and autopilot (if you are lucky enough to own a Tesla)?

While not a perfect analogy, many of the same lessons can be applied to software. Because the technology is new, you can expect continual security enhancements and system upgrades, whereas older systems will eventually reach a point where their supporting frameworks and operating systems are no longer supported. Plus, vendors like AWS, Microsoft and Google put major resources into developing and promoting adoption of these new systems, so you can be sure the technology will mature and improve over time. It will also be easier to find managed IT services and security firms that are able to assist in ongoing system maintenance. As your needs as a business change, it will be easier to upgrade your software or add new integrations to make the entire system more powerful. It’s also important to consider the availability of software developers who can maintain the older systems. You may end up paying for scarce talent when less costly and more prevalent talent is available to develop and maintain modern technologies. In the end, the longevity of the technology will not only make your software more useful, but it can also help cut costs.

Lower total cost of ownership

Perhaps the most compelling reason to build software using the latest technology is because it will lower the total cost of ownership over the long term. As detailed above, the system will be faster and easier to build in the first place, saving you money on the front end. The software will also last longer, meaning you won’t have to invest in replacement software or major upgrades as frequently, cutting costs. And overall, software built on new technology will use newer tools and features that can better meet the needs of your business, helping drive results for your company. Added together, all of these benefits help lower the total cost of ownership and make new technology the most attractive option for most businesses.

For some, having the latest and greatest technology seems inconsequential or unnecessary. After all, a smartphone that debuts today is not substantively different from one that came out six months ago. But when that technology forms the backbone for mission-critical custom software, using state-of-the-art frameworks, platforms and development tools can yield serious benefits. The key is to identify which technologies are a passing fad and which are here to stay. For that, it helps to have an experienced software development firm that can provide expert guidance and recommendations. By choosing a development firm that can identify and deliver on new technology, and create a software system that fully meets your requirements, you can achieve a successful development outcome and ultimately move your business forward.

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