How to prepare for your new custom software

The months of waiting are nearly over, and your custom software solution is almost finished. You’re understandably excited and can’t wait to put it to work solving challenges for your company.

With your solution soon to arrive, have you made plans for its successful onboarding? If not, our blog today can help you prepare. Now’s the perfect time to start because while you’ve waited so long for your custom software solution, when it comes to those last-minute preparations, you’ll be out of time before you know it.

4 things to do before your custom software solution arrives

To successfully streamline the implementation process for your custom software solution, plan to do the following:

  • Ensure continued compatibility. You most likely solved any compatibility concerns when initially scoping the project, but now is a great time to revisit your solutions and make sure nothing has changed. Be it programs from a vendor or another alteration within your infrastructure, the software your company employs is constantly changing, and you certainly don’t want those changes to hinder the use of your new custom software solution.
  • Assign an implementation lead. Perhaps this is the same person — and team — that represented your company during the creation process. Perhaps it’s someone different. Nevertheless, your company should have a point person in charge of managing the integration and deployment. Make sure this project manager has been empowered with the ability to make the decisions necessary to guide the implementation or the appointment will all be for naught.
  • Communicate with your custom software developer. “What do we need to do?” It’s a simple question but the answer(s) are invaluable. Inquire about specific system and process requirements from your custom software developer, who can provide you with a list of action items to tackle before the solution arrives. Some developers will make you aware of what you need to do while they are finishing your solution, but if you haven’t heard anything, make sure to ask.
  • Identify any data concerns. Before your custom software solution arrives, make sure you have your data in order. Identify who on your team understands where all of your data is located and who is your subject matter expert regarding your data sets. You should also map a process for gathering this data and finishing any necessary clean-up work before the new solution arrives.

What to do once your custom software solution arrives

Once your custom software solution has been successfully incorporated into your infrastructure, there are still a few things you can do to keep your operation moving effectively while using the new solution to its fullest capabilities.

  • Prioritize staff training. Whether it’s training by division or small group, your training regimen for staff use of the new solution should have a broad strategy behind it. Your custom software developer may have recommendations of the best way to train on the tool and you should be sure to give your team time to truly adopt the solution. The more comprehensive your training, the more likely your staff is to adopt and ultimately utilize the solution.
  • Maintain your developer’s standards. As tempting as it may be, you should resist the urge to add a slew of custom modifications or workarounds to your new software solution. Remember that you invested in this solution to tackle specific objectives and your developer has built the model to execute on your wishes. Use it as such. Your solution and your team will be better off for it and your solution will ultimately deliver more efficiently.
  • Maintain ongoing communication. Your custom software solution is a living, breathing, ongoing project. Treat it as such. Maintain constant communication among your employees to root out challenges they may be facing and to see ways in which they would improve the solution. You should also maintain communication with your developer so when the opportunity arises to develop solution 2.0, everyone will be ready, and you’ll have an established, successful process already in place.

Comprehensive management of your custom software solution

Whether you’re brand new to the world of custom software development or you’ve overseen multiple projects, you know there are a lot of things to consider when creating your solution. Ask questions of your custom software developer along the way and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion while in the research process. Your custom software solution has the potential to be a vital part of your business. Treat it as such and you won’t be disappointed.

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