Quality Assurance and the Changing Face of Humanity

Long before plastic surgery, the invention of the knife began changing the look of the human face. Recently, anthropologists discovered that the shape of human faces were greatly impacted when we developed the ability to cut meat with a knife. Before this invention, early humans would have to chew a great deal in order to swallow the… Read more »

Evolving Beyond the Code Coverage Percentage Debate: Part 1 of 2

What is Code Coverage? According to Wikipedia, code coverage (a.k.a. test coverage), is defined as “a measure used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite”. A less precise explanation in layman’s terms would be to say it’s the percentage of source code exercised by… Read more »

Solve: (Software + Project) = (Herding + Cats)

Managing a software development team is akin to herding cats. Does this sound familiar? Have you been involved in projects as a stakeholder or project manager where you have a constant uneasy feeling the project is not on the right track? No other engineering discipline allows team members to so easily stray from the planned course at… Read more »

Rural Outsourcing: A Cure All for What Ails Your Software Development Project?

OK, we have been hearing horror stories about the crazy market for software developers and the antics some companies employ to recruit and retain their existing staff. The foosball tables are old news, and, quite frankly, I question their effectiveness, but free beer and bring your dog to work policies, well, now you’re talkin’! The… Read more »