Staff Augmentation: When and Why to Use It

There are a few business scenarios in which managers find they need to augment their software development and quality assurance staffs, and in today’s fast paced  IT marketplace, those scenarios are becoming more and more common. The “bit-off-more-than-you-can-chew” scenario. You just landed a new contract, software development project or client. Great! That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is,… Read more »

The Keys to Successful Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Team

Launching a custom software development project is an enormous undertaking, and depending on the scope of the project, it could represent a significant financial risk to your business. So, you have every incentive to get things right. The best way to do that is to ensure best practices are followed at every stage of the… Read more »

Technical debt: What is it and how can it hold you back?

Technical Debt: What it is and why you should avoid

If you pay attention to the news, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about debt lately. The national debt, student loan debt, credit card debt. But there’s another type of debt you may not have heard of: technical debt. Much like its more well-known cousins, technical debt can cause serious problems. But it can… Read more »

Machine Learning: What It is and How You can use It

Machine learning and related fields.

The term machine learning was first coined in 1959, but these days it’s no longer simply tech speak. Like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, machine learning has established itself as a point of discussion in companies across the country. Yes, the potential benefits can no longer be ignored. If your company is interested… Read more »

9 Signs it’s Time to Dismiss Your Legacy Software Solution

legacy software solution updating

Your legacy software solution — whether it was custom created or an off-the-shelf option — has become a critical component in the fabric of your business operations. You rely on it and your team has grown accustomed to it … despite its faults. Which seem to be piling up these days. If your current solution falls… Read more »

Is Custom Software the Answer to Your Business Challenge?

Software developer creating new custom software solution

The business landscape is constantly evolving, forcing organizations to change in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. In many cases those changes involve the implementation of a new software solution to address a specific business need. While you may be focused on the challenge itself, you will also need to consider what type of… Read more »

5 Mistakes That Can Delay or Derail Your Software Project

Project Delay or Derail

When you make the decision to contract for new custom software, you naturally have high hopes for the project and everything your solution will eventually do for your company. But before you can begin to enjoy the fruits of this decision, there is a development process that must be completed, and ideally your solution will… Read more »

5 Cornerstones of an Effective Software Project Manager

Software Development Process

When you think of your prospective custom software development solution, who do you consider to be the most important people attached to the project? Developers are an obvious choice, and don’t discount the role you and your team play — it’s vital. But in addition, there is one essential role still missing from our list… Read more »

Which Platform is Best for Your Solution: Web, Mobile or Desktop?

Software Code on Computer

The right application has the power to increase your company’s efficiency, better the bottom line or improve customer satisfaction — and many can accomplish more than one of these goals. So, how do you determine if a web application, mobile application or desktop application is the right solution for your project? Consider how the following factors… Read more »

7 Advantages of Custom Software vs. an Off-the-Shelf Solution

Designer drawing website ux app development.

Call it step two. At this point you’ve already realized the value that adding a software solution will have for your business. Now you’re trying to determine whether you require a custom software solution or if an off-the-shelf product will fit your needs. Every situation is naturally a little different, but we’ve compiled a list… Read more »