Device Integration and IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has come a long way in the past few years. We have come to expect constant connectivity to our devices and easy-to-use applications like Google Home, or Alexa to manage our devices. This means companies need to deliver seamless IoT solutions now more than ever before.


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Before the IoT became a part of everyday life, Saturn Systems was partnering with clients to develop IoT solutions and integrate new and existing hardware products with Windows and Linux host systems – and now mobile platforms and the cloud. Our experienced engineers will help you develop a scalable architecture for your product and ensure you avoid the common pitfalls in this unique development space.

Device Control Expertise

Device control projects vary widely in scope and complexity. These projects are demanding and require precision design and engineering skills, plus the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot the unexpected challenges unique to device control projects.

The software engineers at Saturn Systems specialize in integrating highly complex devices. We can assist at any stage of your project. From early concept, including communication protocol design and product roadmap, to development and final product delivery and long-term support.

We can also help if you are operating a legacy system that requires support and enhancement. Fairly often we see systems with little or no formal documentation, and our team has the capacity to begin new development and get your project moving forward.

From Our Clients

From Our Clients

A-Vu Media contracted with Saturn Systems to design and build a new telemedicine solution that required integration with multiple medical devices combined with video conferencing and high-resolution video examination streams. This innovative technology allows highly skilled doctors from metro area clinics to efficiently attend to patients in remote rural locations at a fraction of the cost and time required for an in-patient visit. Saturn’s combined expertise in device control, systems integration and enterprise application development was the perfect fit for our project.

Reed Zuehlke | Vice President of Information Technology, A-Vu Media

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