Offshore to the North Shore

What does Offshore to the North Shore mean? When you contract with Saturn Systems for software development or quality assurance services, you combine the cost benefits of offshoring with the convenience and efficiency of onshore resources. Saturn Systems has located its software consulting business off the beaten path in Duluth, Minnesota. Not only is the North Shore of Lake Superior a fantastic place to live, it also offers the advantage of lower cost resources and infrastructure. From this location, Saturn Systems can deliver developer rates that are 20-40% less when compared with metropolitan based firms.

We combine our competitive rates with the most talented developers. The Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin serve as the higher education hub of Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. The area supports two universities, a private college and numerous state colleges and technical schools with computer science and engineering degree programs. The local education resources and the high quality of life in Northern Minnesota combine to attract top quality talented developers.

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