Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Saturn Systems has developed a comprehensive software quality assurance and testing program that works. Catching problems early in the development cycle using dedicated software quality assurance testers will reduce your long-term costs and shorten development time. Saturn Systems employs a group of professional testers who perform verification on every aspect of our work, before we deliver to our clients.


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Testing Matters Every Step of the Way

From the beginning of every project, our quality assurance staff works with the development team to define an appropriate testing strategy. This may include any combination of automated and manual testing, while working in parallel to generate and execute tests as features are completed. By incorporating testing into our overall strategy we eliminate issues as they arise and ensure a higher-quality end product.

Given the complexity of modern software our staff works to create the right balance for your project, between core feature testing and detailed edge cases to deliver the best results.

Saturn System’s combination of experienced staff and best-in-class software quality assurance testing processes and tools results in robust, reliable applications, reduced rework cycles and lower total cost of ownership for your project.

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