Rural Outsourcing

At Saturn Systems, we pioneered the Rural Outsourcing model. Software development projects that might be outsourced to offshore or high-priced metro firms, can be managed by domestic firms in mid-sized U.S. communities. The lower cost of doing business in a rural area, combined with our experienced engineers, allows us to deliver on ALL of your requirements and offer the best overall value.

The Rural Outsourcing Advantage

  • Hourly Rates – Typically 20 – 40% lower than metro area firms.
  • Accessibility – Operating from U.S. time zones, Rural Outsourcing firms offer timely access during regular business hours.
  • No Communication Barriers – No language or cultural barriers to complicate complex discussions.
  • Low Staff Turnover Rates – Staff turnover is low due to lower competition in rural areas.
  • Security – You are working with a U.S. based workforce that is held to U.S. laws.
  • Intellectual Property – Your proprietary concepts and data are protected by U.S. law.
Rural Outsourcing Advantage

How Does Saturn Systems Succeed in Rural Outsourcing?

  • The cost of doing business in Duluth, Minnesota is 20 – 40% lower than most metro areas.
  • Our location in Duluth, named the Best Town Ever by Outside Magazine, is a key advantage to attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Staff turnover is low due to limited competition for software developers and quality assurance.
  • We recruit from four regional universities with accredited computer science programs.
For more detail, read our blog post on the Benefits of Rural Outsourcing.