Software Development Staff Augmentation

Our skilled developers and software testers are available to augment the skills on your team or increase the velocity on a project. We maintain a deep-bench of experienced and “ready to go” developers and quality assurance staff, and have the flexibility to quickly add or remove staff based on your needs.

Your Team

You may have a few skills or knowledge gaps causing projects to slow. Rather than trying to find the perfect candidate, let our staff augmentation solutions support your team.

Our highly-skilled software engineers and quality assurance staff will help you meet your strategic staffing goals. Staff augmentation is a project-by-project solution, so no need to worry about changing staffing or budgets.

Staff Augmentation Allows You To

Leverage existing resources

Leverage existing resources by adding new or specialized skill sets to your team.

Maintain control

Maintain control of your software development project by keeping it in-house.

Capitalize on specialist expertise

Capitalize on specialist expertise without the hassle of recruiting and hiring new staff members.

Keep your project on time and on budget

Staff augmentation provides a fast solution that will keep your project on time and on budget.

From Our Clients

From Our Clients

“IT Edge hit a point where we could no longer keep up with client demand for software development so we sought out and found a partner in Saturn Systems. We needed someone who could interface directly with the client and would have the same systematic approach as us to project success. We have been working together for over four years at this point and have a great rhythm with the entire process up through clear monthly billing details. It’s nice to know we can scale as needed and maintain our high level of quality to our customer. Being able to have daily interaction with competent developers and project managers that are responsive and caring has made our partnership with Saturn a complete success.”

Walt Ball | President, IT Edge

“Saturn Systems has been our software development partner for the last seven years, providing a team of skilled developers that flexes with our needs. Saturn and their engineers have our best interests in mind and have gained our confidence as a partner we can trust.”

Brian Lockwood | Senior Director, Insite Software

“Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) contracted with Saturn Systems for Staff Augmentation, and due to the quality of their personnel and deliverables, we expanded from a team of one to a team of nine over the course of six years. They have become our development and QA team, producing high-quality monthly releases for a variety of HPF systems. The Saturn development team seamlessly integrated with our internal HPF IT team and we worked together to meet business needs. Saturn helped HPF be successful by providing a talented, engaged team that consistently went above and beyond for our development and support needs.”

Ted Lautzenheiser | VP Information Technology & Security, Homeownership Preservation Foundation

“We selected Saturn Systems to augment our existing software development team after comprehensively comparing several rural outsourcing software companies. In the end, Saturn won out due to their stronger technical skills and engineering mindset. Their team of developers and quality assurance testers quickly integrated with ours, and over the last four years, they have become a flexible and indispensable addition to our development group.”

Rob Reesor | Vice President of Product Development, Planview

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